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Reproducing Sound The Way It's Intented To Be Heard

Since 1978

Hand Made Instrument Microphones

Applied Microphone Technology manufactures, by hand in the USA, microphones for instruments. From a wireless violin mic used without a belt pack to a wireless sax mic used with other major brands of wireless, AMT has every possible performance situation covered.

Applied Microphone Technology has been in the business of developing microphones for over twenty years. Our goal is to acquire the contemporary sound of live performance while maintaining the pure reproduction of the individual instrument. We believe that building microphones designed for specific, rather than broad needs will ultimately produce the richest, purest tones.

We strive to give the artist complete control over what they want the audience to hear. We suit the needs of real-world entertainment by producing a product that complements amplifiers, sound reinforcement, and recording equipment as well as the instruments for which they are designed.

The Way Music Was Intended To Be Heard

Applied Microphone Technology is in the business of reproducing sound. Pure,natural and uncolored. AMT microphones always reproduce sound the way the musician intends it to be heard.

The AMT goal is pristine reproduction of the individual voice of the instrument: Each AMT microphone is designed for the instrument and never compromises the sound for sake of convenience. All of our microphones are designed specifically for the needs of the individual instrument. The performer will have ultimate control of his voice, with only the purest tones sent out to the audience.

This Is Artistic Freedom

Applied Microphone Technology builds microphones that suit the needs of the musician and sound engineer, while always producing a stellar performance from any instrument. Whether it be a wireless application or direct to an amp or console, our microphones are accurate, precise, and manufactured for all of your live and studio sound requirements.

Our compact, lightweight designs assure the performer unobtrusive sound reproduction every time. AMT guarantees the freedom to perform in confidence while allowing the performer to sound the way he hears himself.

When you use a product from Applied Microphone Technology, you can feel confident with a company that stands behind its product and offers friendly, efficient technical support.




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