AMT Iso Ring Replacement Information

The fastest and easiest way to replace a broken Iso-ring is to buy them locally.  AMT iso-rings are also called O-rings and can be found at plumbing stores everywhere.  In most cases, you can buy a replacement bag of 100 for just a few cents.  99% of all Iso-ring replacements can be found at these stores.  Check for sizes below:

AMT Blue, Silver, and Gold rings: (LS, P808, Ta2 Top mic, Ta6 Top Mic, WS silver ring.

O-ring size: 020

Outside diameter:  1 Inch

Inside diameter: 7/8 Inch

Order a pack of 100 here:  Amazon

AMT P800 Silver Ring:

O-ring size: 019

Outside diameter:  15/16 Inch

Inside diameter: 13/16 Inch

Order 019 Iso rings here:  Amazon

Black Rings: S18C, S25B, S15G, System 1, Z1, Lower Mic on the Ta2, Lower Mic on the WS.

O-ring size: 018

Outside diameter:  7/8 Inch

Inside diameter: 5/8 Inch

Order for Black rings here: Amazon


O-ring size: 013

Order VS Iso Ring here: Amazon

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