350 Studio Large Diaphragm Studio Microphone


The AMT 350 large diaphragm studio microphone is designed to record vocals and instruments on classic analog and the popular growing digital format. With a cardioid pattern, the 350 is designed to be used in front of guitar cabinets, acoustic guitars, vocals, and acoustic instruments. AMT’s main goal in manufacturing microphones is to capture the most natural sound possible. The AMT 350 is engineered to do just that, capture the most natural sound from the source in a controlled setting.

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Musicians work their whole life to create a personal sound and AMT works to reproduce those sounds as the artist intends them to be heard. Due to the success of the AMT “Studio” series, AMT found that the one missing element in the AMT product line was a high-quality large-diaphragm vocal microphone.

When designing the 350, our top technicians under laboratory conditions modeled the AMT 350 after the most expensive European large-diaphragm microphones. AMT found the most important qualities and features necessary in a great microphone. In the development, our engineers were looking for transparent and high-definition detail down to subtle sonic qualities. By developing under these requirements, The AMT 350 has gained those qualities into a microphone package that is 1/4 of the price of the competitors.

In order to achieve this price point, it was necessary to remove some of the bells and whistles. After talking to many engineers and home recording enthusiasts, having a high-quality large-diaphragm cardioid microphone with emphasis on sonic quality instead of additional features was a priority. Taking out of the equation polar pattern variations, the battery compartments, and low-frequency filter allows the 350 to reach the price point that home and small studios can afford. By removing these features found on top-dollar models, we found that it would not affect the overall usage.

The 350 is available at an affordable price allowing you to purchase in pairs for stereo overhead use as well. Its ultra-low noise level allows it to compete with any studio microphone on the market. The microphone comes complete with a hardshell case and clip for mounting to a microphone stand. The 350 incorporates an element nearly an inch in diameter with a thickness of 6 microns of gold on the diaphragm which gives it its wide frequency range and stellar sensitivity.


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