Q7-P800BM True Diversity Wireless On Bell Mount Trumpet & Flugelhorn System


Complete “Bell Mounted” true diversity wireless microphone system for trumpet. Includes Q7 AA powered clip-on transmitter, true diversity 99-channel receiver, AMT P800BM “Bell Mounted” Trumpet microphone, rack-ears and extension cables.

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About Q7 System

Quantum 7 True Diversity Receiver:

See Manual Here

The AMT Quantum 7 is a high quality diversity wireless system designed for musical instruments. With 100 channels to choose from (region dependent) the system is simple to use while providing professional quality sound. The Q7 works with all past and present AMT models that include a disconnect (D.C .T.). Clip on the transmitter to create an operating environment free of belt packs and wires. The receiver is a true diversity design allowing the wireless reception up to approximately 100 meters. The receiver is constructed with a rugged metal chassis which includes both a 1/4 in and XLR output. It includes high quality transient response, no delay, no background noise, with multi-level narrow band filter technology.


  • Comprehensive Performance:
  • Frequency Range: 600-928 MHz
  • Modulation Mode: FM
  • Dynamic Range: >1 0 0 dB
  • Frequency Response: 60 Hz-17 KH z± 3 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 105 dB
  • Power Supply: DC 12V-18V / 500 mA
  • Dimensions:210*170*44 mm
  • Audio Output: 1X XLR socket, 1X 6.3 mm jack socket

The Quantum 7’s are the answer for any player looking for a belt pack free wireless system. The Q7 will clip on and off of all AMT model microphones. Designed, manufactured, and distributed by AMT throughout the world.

The Q7 “Clip on” wireless system creates the belt pack free operating environment. The system is designed to clip on and off of all AMT microphones by using a hand-machined clip that locks onto various mounting brackets throughout the microphone lineup. Because the Q7C will clamp onto to all AMT models, the microphones can also be used wired with optional AMT preamp’s.

Multi – Channel

The Wi5IIC now includes 99 select-able channels. (Region dependent) Control of the channels is changed via infrared controls from the receiver to the transmitter.

“Clip On”

Since the transmitter will clip on to all AMT models, it is very simple to use your microphone wired with any of the available AMT preamps. If you’re a “doubler” and require multiple microphones, the same Q7 / transmitter can be connected to optional AMT microphone.

Digital LCD Displays

The receivers include illuminated LCD displays for easy visibility on dark stages, or poorly lit clubs or concert halls.

Detachable Antenna’s

The Quantum 7 and Quantum 7 Dual  include detachable antenna’s allow for the addition of a rack and booster kit.

Mute & On / Off Button

The Q7 transmitter includes a mute button as well as an on / off switch for saving battery life on the breaks.


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