VP2 Vibraphone & Marimba Microphone (w/ Preamp)


Microphones for Mallet Instruments. Vibraphone & Marimba Set of 2 (Includes AMT Inline preamps & case. Phantom power required).

Applied Microphone Technology, has introduced the VP2. A two microphone setup for vibraphone and mallet instruments. Endorsed by Dave Samuels and Tony Miceli the AMT Vibe mics are the world’s most unique approach to micing the Vibraphone! The player, audience, and engineer will hear the true acoustic sound of the instrument. The VP2 allows the closest placement of microphones to the instrument on the market today. It’s quick and easy setup and tear down make it also easy to travel with.

The VP2 has two microphone placed over the top of the instrument. The microphones can be adjusted by clamp and a flexible gooseneck. AMT is constantly gaining notoriety for their innovative microphone approach. AMT has been in the business of developing microphones for over 21 years. The goal is to acquire the contemporary sound of live performance while maintaining the pure reproduction of the individual instrument. Designing microphones for specific rather than broad needs will ultimately produce the richest purest tones. AMT has a microphone solution for every application.

About Pre-amp

The Inline Preamp comes complete with 2 Inline preamps, carry pouch, and AMT disconnecting cable technology to allow the microphones to be used wireless with the AMT Wi5IIC, Shure Line 6, or Sabine Wireless. Sennheiser cable sold separately. Phantom power is required. Includes leather carrying pouch.


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