Quantum 7 Mini Syncing / Channel changing

To change the channel on a Quantum 7 Mini:

1)Turn OFF transmitter

2) Turn On Receiver & turn volume down on receiver.

3) Hold transmitter in Left hand with thumb on the on/off button.

4) Hold IR window on the opposite side of the transmitter from the on/off button within 4 inches of the IR marking on the front of the receiver.

5) While holding the transmitter with Left hand, push the IR button on the receiver and hold it down until the “F” flashes on the front of the receiver.

6) While the “F” is flashing, turn the transmitter ON.

7) You will see the blue light on the transmitter flash indicating that the channel sync has occurred.  If it doesn’t flash, turn the transmitter off and back on again WHILE the “F” is flashing.

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