LSW Bell Mount Saxophone Microphone (for Shure & Sennheiser Systems)


The AMT LS is Applied Microphone Technology’s flagship woodwind microphone system. Designed, manufactured by hand, and distributed by AMT in the USA. The system features lower SPL level playing and is intended to clip onto flange bell instruments.

The LS is AMT’s first choice recommendation for the Tenor and Alto Saxophonist and Baritone saxophone players performing in a horn section or as a soloist.

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The latest LS updates allow the player to easily change to and from AMT’s different preamps while also allowing for direct connections to the Quantum 7, Shure, Sabine, Line 6, or Sennheiser wireless systems. With a change in a cable, convert your LS or LS from a wired belt pack / DI style preamp over to a wireless set up quickly and easily, or choose the LSW which ships without a preamp and includes the cable ready for the chosen wireless. Cables are sold separately.

***All AMT microphones require either an AMT Preamp (Inline or BP45) or a wireless system in between the microphone and the mixer.  Do NOT connect the microphone directly to the mixer without a preamp or wireless transmitter.


The LSW comes complete with a microphone and cable for direct use with the AMT Quantum 7 system OR for AMT, Shure, Line 6, and Sabine or Sennheiser.


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