HR4 Harmonica Microphone (w/ Preamp)


The AMT HR4 is AMT’s 4th generation Harmonica microphone systems.  Designed, manufactured by hand, and distributed by Applied Microphone Technology in the USA.  Unlike any other harmonica microphone system on the market, the HR4 reproduces the sound of a harmonica as natural as possible while offering the ability for wired and wireless operation.

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The HR4 now includes the patented AMT Resonator which captures the voices of the harmonica passively, acting as a wave guide, inside the external chamber and outside of the microphones tube allowing for more gain before feedback. The resonator evenly reproduces the true voicing of the harmonica. It can be removed to accommodate a softer sound pressure levels if needed.

The design of the HR4 is also all of it’s own. The microphone is intended to fit different sized harmonicas from diatonic to 16 hole.  Larger hole harmonica’s can be accommodated if the rack or optional side mounting clamps are removed and held freely in the players hand. The HR4 is designed to clamp onto standard neck racks.  If a hand held version is required, and needs to be attached to the harmonica, please contact AMT to special order side mounting pieces.  The HR4, unlike the former HR1, HR2, and HR3 systems has a clamp that attaches to most common neck racks.   The neck rack clamps can be easily removed from the mic tube, allowing a free standing bar to hold in hand behind the harmonica while using the cupping technique, or replace the neck brace clamps with the optional side mounting harmonica clamps to attach the microphone to the harmonica.

The HR4 also includes AMT’s new DCT (Disconnecting cable technology) which allows easy replacement of the cable from the microphone as well as giving it the ability to interface with various wireless systems on the market including the AMT Quantum 7 and Quantum 7 Mini. The HR4 is also compatible with Shure, Line 6, and Sabine wireless system’s with the included cable and can also work with Sennheiser with an optional cable.

The microphone is powered by the AMT Inline preamp which can be placed on the floor, a belt clip, or in a pocket. It has a low roll-off filter as well as a dB cut. The system includes a soft carrying pouch, AMT inline preamp (phantom power required), and adjustable clamp. To create a completely wireless and ultra portable setup, combine the HR4 with the Quantum 7 Mini.

About Pre-amp

The Inline Preamp comes complete with the Inline preamp, carry pouch, and AMT disconnecting cable technology to allow the microphone to be used wireless with the AMT Wi5IIC, Shure Line 6, or Sabine Wireless. Sennheiser cable sold separately. Phantom power is required. Includes leather carrying pouch.


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