S15 External Guitar Microphone (w/ Preamp)

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The AMT S15G is a low-profile condenser external microphone that includes a cardioid pattern which allows for excellent gain before feedback. The element as well as the mounting clamp is designed for the instrument. AMT designs microphones for each instrument and does NOT adapt elements or mounting gear to fit instruments. The S15G system clamps to the outside of the guitar. It is adjustable from a minimum of 3″ to a maximum of 5-7/8″.

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The S15G comes complete with the BP45 belt pack style preamp, case, and AMT disconnecting cable technology to allow the microphone to be used wireless with the AMT Quantum 7, Shure or Sabine Wireless. Sennheiser cable sold separately. Power by phantom power or one AA Battery. Includes hard plastic case.

It’s rugged construction of anodized aviation aluminum makes it highly durable, while being lightweight and non-corrosive. The microphone attaches to the side of the instrument, and is suspended in a 4 point isolation ring reducing handling noise. The S15G terminates to the BP45 belt pack. It operates on either AA battery or Phantom power to 48 volts DC*. It incorporates an LED to indicate the status of the voltage. The S15G is terminated by a 4 pin connector which connects to a belt pack preamp. The included belt pack contours the setup for the intended instrument, and powers the microphone system appropriately. The S15G now also comes with a cable that disconnects. This cable will allow the player to switch back and forth between the different AMT Preamps as well as convert it to the “W”ireless setup. Different cable’s and preamps as sold separately! Comes w/BP 45 Belt pack preamp, microphone, cable and hard shell case. Clamps to outside of guitar.


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